Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen Garden Design

Eat Local, Grow Your Own Produce

Imagine a vegetable garden filled with the foods you love to eat fresh - everyday! Salad greens, culinary herbs, lettuce and sweet basil. I offer creative vegetable garden designs based on the theme gardens from my upcoming book, The Complete Kitchen Garden ( spring 2011, Stewart, Tabori and Chang). I can help you create the garden of your dreams, to fit your landscape, fill your harvest basket and inspire you in the kitchen. I share my knowledge of the best culinary varieties, based on my 30+ experience as a kitchen gardener. We can work long distance with photos or I will visit your site. Call for a quote.

Kitchen Garden Tip #9: Before you sow seeds in the ground, start with a plan. It will help you stay organized, and will bring rewards beyond the produce that you harvest. Don't just settle for raised beds, but think of creative ways to plant your garden that integrate into your landscape.