Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Kitchen Garden Design Class

Kitchen Garden Design: On-Line Class 
Starts March 3rd.
Cost: $95. for five weeks. Click here for more info.
Learn how to design a kitchen garden and grow beautiful food. Includes personal evaluation, step by step video, and design tips.

Each Class Includes
·      Photos for ideas and instruction.
·      How-to instructions: Video and/or Podcast:
·      PDF instruction for each class.
·      Your homework: Lesson plans for the week: .
·      Private Blog for open discussion to share ideas.


Class One: Classic Garden Designs
Class Materials: Graph Paper, Pencils, Colored Pencils

Class Two: Six Steps to Successful Design
Class materials: Pictures of your current garden.
Class Three: Soil, Seeds and Plants
Class Materials: Seed Catalogs, potting materials
Class Four: Seed Starting and Garden Tool Basics
Class Materials: Seeds, Potting Soil and Seed Starting pots.

Class Five: Review. Stakes and Twine Exercise.
Wrap up. Follow up with questions. Personalized consultation available.